Suzuka® Modena Coating is a decorative plaster product adopting ceramic color sands and high-tech resin providing seamless coating of a wide range of textures. Use different tools to create different styles from industrial, scandinavian to classic european.

Random Strands MAR-00-R

Horizontal Strands MAH-00-R

Vertical Strands MAV-00-R

Glass Fragment MH-00-S

Provence Bay MM-00-S

Suede Surface MO-00-S

Rough Desert MR-00-R

Sand Stone MD-00-S

Hairlines ME-00-S

Rainbow Waves MN-00-S

Sketchy Brush MS-00-S

Linear Rough MP-00-R

Block Stamp MT-00-S

Bumpy Spray MC-00-R

Stucco Press MG-00-R

Rocky Stripes MU-00-S

Pointed Comb MF-00-S

Crepe Comb MK-00-S

Bar Comb MQ-00-S

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