Kastone Brick Veneer


KASTONE® collection includes multiple designs from vintage to reinvented styles, including different grouting techniques and colours, the collection carries the variety to suit the ambiance you need.

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KASTPANEL: Concrete Effect Wall Panel

The KASTPANEL Collection features pre-cast concrete effect panels in a variety of shades, sizes & patterns. Each piece is uniquely crafted to truly reflect the authentic feel and appearance of real, pre-cast cement.  KASTPANELs are also light and compact in nature, rendering them easily transportable and installable.

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STRATO®: Textured Paint

Strato® textured wall finishes. Three general styles are available – Cashmere, Chiffon, Taffeta and Cement Render Effect.

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SUZUKA® Trowel Wall and Floor: Pebble Stone Coating

Suitable for both wall and floor surfaces, the Suzuka® Trowel Stone’s excellent formula offers resistance against weather and chemicals, UV rays, pollution, fungus, mold and algae, while also being slip resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor surfaces.

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KASTBOND®: Waterproofing

Originating from Japan, KASTBOND® is a market-leading range of waterproofing building material ideal for balconies, toilets, laundry areas and poolside, along with a large range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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